Oscar Worthy and Green

February 27, 2013

Did you watch the Oscars on Sunday night? It’s hard to be a fashion lover and not sit down in front of the TV without a glass of bubbly while you’re drinking in the celebrities as they walk the red carpet. This year’s awards ceremony was particularly fun to watch because there were so many great movies and performances to route for, weren’t there?

But, back to the fashions. The absolute stunner, in my opinion, was the gold gown worn by Bond Girl Naomi Harris. If you’ve seen Skyfall, Harris is the latest actress to play Miss Moneypenny, and she put quite a sexy spin on the iconic character in the film. So it’s befitting that she donned an incredibly sexy, leggy gown for the Oscars.
Her gown was the winning design from  Suzy Amis Cameron’s Eco-Fashion Campaign Red Carpet Dress, and it was simply “Wow!” The winner of the competition, Michael Badger, used a volcano as the inspiration for the dress that was made from organic silk and dyed in chamomile and goldenrod to create the amazing gold hue of the gown. It was decorated with vintage beads and made with other recycled materials.

Believe it or not, there are chocolate candy wrappers incorporated into the dress! I’ve spent a bit of time looking at photos trying to figure out exactly where the candy wrappers are, but I can’t find them.Even though they may not have been sustainably created, I also loved Sandra Bullock’s lacy, black see-throughish dress that somehow still managed to be totally age-appropriate and Charlize Theron’s simply flawless white gown.

What were your favorite fashions from this year’s Oscars?
Pure Love Grows XOXOXO