Indie Beauty

March 5, 2013

Just a quicki post this week because I’m busy getting ready for tomorrow. I’ll be traveling up to one of the most fabulous places in the entire world – New York City – for the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) Beauty Awards. For the second year in a row, I have the opportunity to display the Jing Ai brand, this year in the Indie Beauty Award category. We’ll be competing against some really amazing brands for a spot in the finals, and I’m extremely optimistic that Jing Ai will be a finalist again this year.

Last year, Jing Ai was nominated as a finalist in the Eco Beauty Awards category, and not to sound cliché, but it really is an honor just to be nominated! The CEW Beauty Awards are the Oscars of the cosmetic industry. They honor the best of the best in beauty from big brands to indie brands, and I am so proud that Jing Ai is recognized as being among the best of the best.It’s one thing to know you have an amazing product line. It’s another thing when the leaders in the industry recognize it, too.

So, as I prepare to travel to NYC tomorrow, I want to take a moment to thank CEW for the opportunity to put Jing Ai out there for industry experts to notice. I’m psyched that more people will see just how amazing Jing Ai’s products made with USDA certified ingredients and packaged in beautiful, sustainable containers are.

Wish me lots of luck and of course lots of PURE LOVE!!!!
Pure Love Grows XOXOXO