A Sustainable Hobo

March 12, 2013

What’s better than a Gucci handbag? A sustainable Gucci handbag! You heard that right, ladies. Livia Firth, creator of the Green Carpet Challenge (and the eco-fabulous wife of that cutey patootie Colin Firth), and The Rainforest Alliance have teamed up with the iconic Italian fashion house Gucci to create environmentally and ethically responsible handbags that are so beautiful they will go right to the top of your wish list.

The leather used for these beauties was sourced from a group of four ranches in western Brazil. The ranches are part of a program that curbs deforestation, protects wildlife habitat and provide ethical treatment to livestock and ranch workers.

There are three bags in this Gucci collection – all in beautiful red leather. I’m crazy about all three bags, but my fave is the generously sized Green Carpet Challenge for Gucci Leather Hobo. All the bags include a passport containing the traceability and ecological certification of the final product; they’re guaranteed not to have caused any deforestation.

In a press release, Rossella Ravagli, Head of CSR and Sustainability at Gucci said, “This launch proves that the fashion industry can be a force for good through directly addressing a fundamental environmental issue. “

I absolutely convinced that the fashion and the beauty industry can be a force for good, and I’m so psyched that Gucci is joining those of us in the biz who are always trying to figure out how to do it more sustainability while keeping it gorgeous!

I’ve got nothing but PURE LOVE for Gucci and their eco-fabulous Green Carpet Challenge for Gucci bags!

Pure Love Grows XOXOXO