Always Believe in Yourself

May 7, 2013

Would you believe it if I said that there have been times when I’ve questioned whether Jing Ai was going to make it or not? I bet you probably would believe it. It’s only human nature to have a little self-doubt once in a while when you’re going after what you want in life. I’ve found that the key is to shove that self-doubt out of the way as quickly as possible, because the only way I know to make my dreams come true is believe in myself.

Self-doubt is fear, and it is important to not let fear stop you from believing in yourself, your dreams, and the fact that you can live a full life doing what you dream of doing. Every day I’m rewarded for believing in myself. Some days, it’s in a small way when someone writes a stellar review of one of my products or comments on

Jing Ai’s “”Facebook page about how great my Duo makes their skin look. Other days, the reward is pretty big like the nomination I recently received for the Savor the Success Fastest Growing Company of the Year Award 2013!   Later this week, I’ll be traveling to New York city to the Rock the World conference for the award ceremony. The conference gathers America’s top, female entrepreneurs and executives to inspire and empower women to build a prosperous business and life. Whether I win or not, having Savor the Success recognize Jing Ai and the amazing year that we’ve had is a huge reward for believing in myself. It’s an honor to be nominated with such other amazing entrepreneurs. I do savor every little bit of success I have because I deserve to.  Those little whispers of self-doubt that I used to have in my head from time-to-time? Guess what? They were lies.  They were wrong.   Even if I had listened to them, they would have still been lies.   I always had it in me to do something great like Jing Ai.  You do to.   So, I tell you, friend, when it comes to your dreams, always believe in yourself!  Dream Big Dreams because you have it in yourself to make them come true:)  Pure Love Grows XOXOXO