Local flowers are blooming

May 14, 2013

local flowersIt’s a sure sign that spring has sprung when the local farmers markets and roadside farm stands open. When you think farmers markets, you probably think of piles and piles of locally grown, beautifully colored fruits and vegetables. Do you ever think of bunches and bunches of locally grown, beautifully colored flowers, too?

Here’s why I love buying flowers that have been locally grown.


  • Local flowers are awesome for the environment. Small, local growers often use sustainable practices so that their flower farms don’t harm the land. They’re also a haven for bees that are attracted to the flowers and will spend time in the flower fields before heading off to help pollinate nearby apple orchards, watermelon patches, squash and so much more. Don’t assume that local flowers are grown sustainably, though. Ask when you see the flower merchant at the farmers market or at a roadside stand where the flowers are grown and what sustainable practices are used in the flower fields.
  • Buying local flowers helps to support the local agricultural economy. I want open land to stay open land, don’t you?
  • I never know what I’m going to get! Flowers are seasonal, and the beautiful colors and varieties in the bouquets of local flowers change every few weeks. I love that.
  • The prices can be such a bargain. Check out the prices of those beautiful bouquets at the farmers market. They’re incredibly reasonable because they’re grown in season and aren’t shipped far. I can get a fresh bouquet each week without blowing my budget.

Of course, as you know, roses are my absolute favorite flower. When they aren’t in season, I know I can buy organic roses, but when they are in season, buying local roses marries my love for roses and my love for supporting local growers. I found this very useful resource to help me find local rose growers on the Association of Specialty Cut Flowers Growers website. I can find local rose growers, or any local flower growers, by using their flower search function. How cool is that?

Pure Love Grows XOXOXO

Image: Parker Knight