My Favorite Boat House

May 22, 2013

Where do you go to hide out for an evening? My hubby John and I have a favorite place that’s just an hour’s drive from us where we’re able to disappear for an evening, a place where nobody but the bartender knows our names. in Lambertville, NJ is the perfect watering hole for my best guy and me to go when we are looking forward to  a long night out and not run into anyone we know.

The charm of this quaint bar in the back of an ally way is that it’s furnished in an eclectic mix of comfortable furniture – some traditional tables and chairs, some living room pieces. All the furniture is pushed together so you never know who you’re going to sit next to. We always meet the most interesting people when we sit on the second floor.Now, I know I said I like going there because nobody knows our name, and I do. There are nights when John and I don’t want to run into our friends and neighbors, no matter how much we love them. But, talking to new, interesting people can lead to the best conversations.And, we’ve had plenty of great conversations in this two-story bar that’s floor to ceiling nautical with paintings of boats and sea treasures. Plenty of authentic rowing memorabilia hanging on the walls.If you’re fortunate enough to live near Lambertville, I highly recommend this warm, friendly spot to have before dinner cocktail or after dinner drinks. They don’t serve food, only drinks. That makes the place a little bit cooler in my opinion.If you can, make a day or a weekend out of your trip to Lambertville.

It’s a charming town with antique shops, art galleries, and other independent stores all along the Delaware River. The architecture of the town is beautiful. If you have enough time, walk across the bridge into New Hope, PA where there is more beautiful sites to see, stores to peruse, and restaurants to dine.

The Boat House is located at 8 Coryell Street in Lambertville, NJ. And, now that I have you totally interested in my one of my favorite secret (okay not-so-secret anymore) places to disappear, tell me about yours. It doesn’t have to be in New Jersey. I’d love to know about places all over the country.  Pure Love Grows XOXOXO