Pure Love 4 Pure Cafe

June 18, 2013

A friend of mine introduced me to

Genesis”http://www.genesispure.com/product/Purecafe.php”PURE Café , a blend of green coffee bean extract and roasted coffee beans that makes an instant cup of coffee in the morning that I have fallen in love with. I’m hooked!

What’s so great about it? It gives me an energy boost for the day, and unlike some coffees I’ve had, it doesn’t bother my tummy, and it works as an appetite suppressant. I notice I don’t get as hungry throughout the day.   More energy. Less hungry. Tastes really, really good. Can you see why I like it?The Genesis website lists these key benefits of PURE Café.Natural energy co-factors to wake both the body and mindProprietary array of natural but potent balancing ingredients, designed to suppress appetite and activate thermogenesis (thermogenesis helps to burn calories)

Diverse blend of plant polyphenols for antioxidant support  Promotes thermogenesis In the morning, it’s so easy to put the kettle on, boil some water, and then mix myself a cup of PURE Café. Oh, and did I mention that it’s already sweetened – naturally. In fact, the entire product is all natural and it only has 56 calories!Of course, I know that PURE Café isn’t going to take care of all my health needs. I still need to exercise.   I still need to eat well. I still need to drink lots of water during the day. It’s just one part of the way I make sure I take care of myself, naturally.         Pure Love Grows XOXOXO