Somewhere Over The Rainbow

June 25, 2013

What a rainy, rainy late spring we’ve had in my region! The storms have been particularly loud with rain falling so quickly that at times the street outside my home looked more like a rushing river. I’m not complaining. I’ve barely had to make the effort to water my lovely
roses;  Mother Nature is taking care of that for me.
And yesterday evening, Mother Nature gave me another gift. A rainbow! There wasn’t a lot of rain yesterday, just a few sun showers – the type that make you want to stand in the middle of the back yard with your arms open wide and your face to the skies while the soft drops cool you off a little. When I do that I feel a little bit like a kid again.
The real joy came, though, when I looked up and saw a beautiful rainbow crossing the sky. There are few things that stop people in their tracks these days – at least few beautiful things. Rainbows are one of them. People were outside gazing in awe. A few minutes after the rainbow disappeared, my Facebook timeline filled with photos. Everyone found joy in the rainbow.
I always like to strain my eyes a bit and pretend I can see where the rainbow ends. The kid in me wants to hop in the car and find the end with the pot of gold. I make wishes on rainbows, too. (No, I can’t tell you my wish! You know the rules.)
It’s nice to stand outside, drinking in the rainbow and know that I’m part of a collective big wish-a-thon. I wonder. How many other people are making wishes at the same time as I am? What are they wishing for? It’s a little bit spiritual – a feeling of being connected to people who are doing the same thing I’m doing at that very moment.
Do you love rainbows as much as I do? Do they make you feel like a kid again? Do you join in the collective wish-a-thon? Why do rainbows bring you joy?
Pure Love Grows XOXOXO