Ocean + Sun = Happy Girl

July 16, 2013

I carved out a day just for my family over the weekend. We went to one of the most peaceful places I know of – the ocean. I spent the day on the beach, reveling with my toes in the sand, the sun shining on my face, and the voice of the waves repeating over and over that some things are constant – like the pure love I have for my husband and boys.
The ocean is good for my soul. When I lie in my beach chair, close my eyes, and listen to the pounding of the surf, it’s meditative. I find the beach very restful, even when I’m kicking around in the surf. I may come back physically tired from a day at the beach, but my mind is always renewed.
The ocean is good for my body, too. Seawater has several health benefits. It heals cuts and can help relieve some types of dry skin. It may even help to relieve ear infections in children (but please check with your doctor before letting your child in the ocean if he has an ear infection).And the power of the sun – it’s good for my mind and body, too. We all know that a sunny day can brighten our mood. It also nourishes our body with Vitamin D. The sun is the best source of it. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium, keeping our bones strong. It also is good for the muscles.  When I’m the beach, though, I don’t spend too much time thinking about all these benefits.  I just relax, soak up the sun, splash in the surf, and enjoy the beauty of it all.
How are you taking time out of your busy schedule this summer to make sure you do something that’s good for your body and your soul?Pure Love Grows XOXOXO