Glamour and Green go Hand N' Hand

September 5, 2013

From Jing Ai’s inception, our products have been about glamour. Jing Ai is all about making a girl look sexy and feel amazing inside and out. It’s about beauty, too, the beauty that radiates from a woman when she’s feeling confident but also the beauty of everything that surrounds us.
It is so important to me to focus on the beauty and glamour of all women, including our symbolic Mother Earth. Think about it. Would we really understand what beauty was if we’d never seen things like a sunset over the ocean or a garden full of colorful roses in full bloom? It makes no sense to me to care only about my own beauty. I care about all beauty.
And because I care about all beauty, and so do so many of fellow glamour girls, glamour and green go hand in hand. Increasingly, we want to do good for our faces and the earth. Some of the mainstream cosmetics can be pretty toxic to your face and to the earth. Years of dumping harmful chemicals onto your skin will take its toll on your face and your body. Many of the chemicals are even believed to contribute to some cancers. Using cosmetics like Jing Ai that are formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients can help keep your face gorgeous and your body healthy for decades!
What’s in the cosmetics is important, but what the cosmetics come in is equally important. Packaging that is as recyclable as possible and printed with ink that is non-toxic helps keep Mother Earth glamorous, too.
I’m impressed with all the glamorous, sexy people and brands are embracing green.
  • Stella McCartney’s incredibly sexy lingerie line uses recycled metal hardware and organic cotton gussets.
  • Michelle Williams (who is so freakin’ sexy she got to play Marilyn Monroe) wore an organic cotton gown on the red carpet.
  • Valentino earned praises from Greenpeace for their dedication to environmentally friendly policies. The luxury Italian brand has promised to “phase out all hazardous chemicals from the entire life cycle of its products by 2020 but also for outlining a new zero-deforestation policy on leather and packaging procurement.”
I could go on and on with the examples, but I’m getting a bit wordy. I’ll leave you with this.
In high fashion and beauty, sustainable, green products become more popular and attainable each year. Green IS the new sexy, and it’s here to stay. So is Jing Ai and our commitment to beauty lovers everywhere is this: We will continue to create Sexy, glamorous, green products that will never sacrifice quality or your glamour-girl image.  Pure Love Grows XOXOXO