PURE LOVE 4 Our Furry Friends

September 12, 2013

At Jing Ai, we NEVER test on our furry friends. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I say that over and over because a cruelty-free product line is a huge priority for me. That’s why I make the extra effort to obtain
Leaping Bunny certification for all of Jing Ai’s cosmetics.
When you see the Leaping Bunny symbol on Jing Ai’s products, you can be assured that no new animal testing was used in any phase of product development by us, our laboratories, or our suppliers.
Animal testing is not necessary to make sure that cosmetics are safe for human use. Alternatives to animal testing are not only humane, they’re quite effective. Products can be tested on tissue cultures instead of living creatures. There are also sophisticated computer and mathematical models that scientists can use to test the safety of products. Bunnies, mice, and other furry friends don’t need to be harmed to make us beautiful.If you’re committed to buying humane products, Jing Ai Organic & Natural Cosmetics is a great place to start, but we’re only one of many, many companies certified by Leaping Bunny. The easiest way to find products that are cruelty free is by downloading the Cruelty-Free app for iPhone or Android.
The apps will lead you to cosmetics, personal care and household products and give you cruelty-free choices right at your fingertips. To make it even better, the app is completely free.I am very proud to have earned Leaping Bunny certification. It’s just one more way that Jing Ai is keeping our products the most amazing they can be.                      Pure Love Grows XOXOXO