Help Spread My Message Of #PURELOVE

October 10, 2013

You’ve heard the joke “Vote early. Vote often” on Election Day, right? Well, I’m not joking about it today. I’m up for a really unbelievable, miracle of a prize that you can help me win, and I’m asking for your vote right now. In this contest, you can vote early and vote often.
I’m trying to win Intuits contest – a chance to have a commercial for Jing Ai run alongside Doritos and Budweiser and even a yummy John Stamos yogurt commercial during the Super Bowl. I’ve made it to Round 2 by telling the story of Jing Ai in a video that you can view on Intuit’s website. I really want to move on to Round 3 and eventually be the big winner.
Voting couldn’t be easier. Click on the link above. Then click on the “Vote for Us” button on the web page. You don’t have to register or sign in. Just click vote! And, you can vote more than once. So I say, “Vote early. Vote often!” When you wake up in the morning and check your email and your Facebook and your Twitter and your…. Take a minute and vote for Jing Ai, please.
I’m looking for a great big push this week! I would love to be able to tell the world Jing Ai’s story during the Super Bowl. Sure, it would be great for business, and I wouldn’t complain about that, but it would mean so much to me to be able to tell everyone about my Grandmother Rose and how she inspired me to reach for my dreams. Maybe I’ll be able to inspire someone else to reach for her dreams during my few moments that Sunday evening.
So won’t you please vote for Jing Ai in
Thank you!   Pure Love Grows XOXOXO