Green is the New Pink

October 30, 2013

It’s been all pink all October, hasn’t it? I appreciate the awareness that this month brings to breast cancer, and all types of cancer. My beloved grandmother Rose died of breast cancer, and my Jing Ai cosmetic line is a tribute to her. As I’ve mentioned before, the names of all of my products are various types of roses, and 5% of the proceeds from Jing Ai is donated to Cancer and Careers because I don’t want anyone else to lose a loved one to this awful disease.

Giving back isn’t the only way that Jing Ai fights cancer. It’s my hope that I’m doing a small part in helping to prevent some cancers by creating a natural and organic cosmetics line that doesn’t use ingredients that are known or suspected to be human carcinogens.

Abe’s Market has graciously allowed me to share this eye-opening, informative infographic that explains some of those ingredients. The substances shown in this infographic are used in many mainstream cosmetics, but they’re never used in Jing Ai cosmetics.  Pure Love Grows XOXOXO

Green is the New Pink infographic from Abe's Market

Knowledge is power. Now that you know about these ingredients, you can make informed decisions about the products you use on your body.

Pure Love Grows XOXOXO