Small Business Saturday!

November 20, 2013

On Thanksgiving, spend the day with people you love. Also, forget about your diet. Eat a second piece of pie if you want. Do not give in to the madness that has become pre-Black Friday shopping that has people leaving the Thanksgiving dinner table to go stand in line for hours for the chance at $50 a TV.On Friday, if you are fortunate enough to have the day off, only go Black Friday shopping if it’s something you totally love to do. There are people that get a kick out of the day. If you’re not one of them, stay home. I’ve read that most items that are discounted on Black Friday reach that low price again close to Christmas.On Saturday, go out and shop to your heart’s content at the small, local businesses in your area. Over the past couple of years, the wonderful tradition of Small Business Saturday has taken over the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

What is it exactly? It’s a day when people take their holiday shopping to their downtowns and local strip malls to support small, independent stores during at the start of the holiday shopping season. There was a study done a while back that makes it clear how beneficial supporting local businesses is for everyone in the community.The study found that when $100 was spent at a chain bookstore, $13 of it went back into the local economy. But, when $100 was spent at a local, independently owned bookstore, $45 of it went back into the local economy.When you shop at local businesses, including farm markets, restaurants, coffee houses, wineries and breweries, on Small Business Saturday (or any day), you’re not just helping the businesses; you’re helping your community as a whole. Last year, it’s estimated that consumers spent $5.5 billion at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That’s a whole lot of local economy stimulation!After doing your part for the local economy on Saturday, make a big pot of turkey soup on Sunday. Sit down, enjoy your soup, and create your lists for shopping on Cyber Monday, the day that most people start their online holiday shopping. Don’t forget to shop

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