Best Hostess Gifts Ever

November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! As I count my blessings this week, I want to let each of you know that you are one of them. All of you use Jing Ai’s products, read this blog and let me know how much you support what I’m doing here – you are amazing blessings to me.
I’m also blessed by friends and family who invite my family into their homes over the holiday season. I’m a bit traditional, and I like to take a host or hostess gift with us.
Bottle of wine

– I know this is one of the more obvious choices, but if your host is a wine drinker, it’s always appreciated. Choose to buy a bottle from a local winery instead of the corner liquor store. It will be more personal. Put a gift tag on it with a little note that says something like, “A little something just for you to enjoy whenever you want.” Then she can put it out for everyone to share or squirrel it away just for herself.
A small box of really great chocolate

– Bringing a large “sampler” box of chocolates as a hostess gift is popular, but does  your hosts really need a big box of candy that needs to get finished along with all the cookies and other treats? Something like the 6-piece that’s small, special, and out–of-this-world delicious is just enough for your hosts to share sometime over the holidays without overindulging.
Coffee– A bag of organic or Fair Trade coffee like
Weaver’s will give your hosts a pick-me-up the morning after the party when they still have some cleaning up to do.
Aged balsamic vinegar– If you’re host loves to cook, he’ll appreciate a good bottle of balsamic vinegar like
Di Bruno Bros Gold Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar. Totally unlike the balsamic vinegar you buy for a couple of dollars in the grocery store, a good gourmet vinegar adds depth to any dish its used in.
Did you notice that all my suggestions are consumable. Unless I know my host or hostess really needs a new candy dish or other item, I like to give gifts that get used up.What’s your favorite gift to give your host or hostess at the holidays?  Pure Love Grows XOXOXO