Orange For The Holidays

December 6, 2013

Red and green. Silver and gold. The traditional holiday colors will never go out of style, and you’ll never go wrong with them. This year there’s another, surprising color popping up at festivities – bright orange. Orange, which usually goes into hibernation after Thanksgiving, decided to stick around and do a little holiday partying this year.
It’s one of those tricky colors. Not everyone looks good in an orange blouse or dress, but everyone can add a few pops of bright orange to their look if they want to be on trend this holiday season without looking like a pumpkin.
If you want to add some orange to your holiday style, try one of these ideas.
A scarf

. If you have the complexion to pull off a lot of bright orange by your face, buy a solid orange scarf for the season. Pair it with holiday neutrals – gold, silver, black or winter white. If solid orange it too much for you, find a print that has bright orange in it, but has other colors that complement your skin tone, too.
Your nails

. The absolute easiest way to add a pop of orange to your holiday outfit is with nail color. Try to find a shade of bright orange that has a little shimmer or glitter in it to make it extra festive.
Bling.Buy a piece of jewelry that will really catch the eye. This is the year of colorful statement necklaces, so it won’t be difficult to find one. If you want to stay away from the mass produced jewelry, try buying a handmade necklace or other piece that has orange stones in it from
The lips
. This is where the trend is really showing up this season – with lip shades. Bright, bold and very daring, orange lips will grab everyone’s attention. One thing to keep in mind – bright orange will also bring out any yellow in your teeth. If you have the time, you may want
whiten your teeth naturally for the holidays.
I now have a picture in my head of a classic holiday party outfit – winter white wool pants, a black blouse, and a bright orange statement necklace with my nails painted in the same shade. The only question left is, what shoes…… Pure Love Grows XOXOXO