Some of My Favorite Items

January 16, 2014

Sometimes, all it takes to make a girl feel a little extra special is a new accessory or two. I’ve found myself reaching in my closet for a couple of specific pieces lately that have quickly become some of my favorite fashion pick me ups. And when I find things I love, you know I have to pass the information on.

First, let me tell you about the silk tie that I purchased recently. It’s lovely and beautiful, and even though it’s a tie, it’s totally feminine. I can wear it tucked in my suit jacket or into my shirt, or I can wear it over my shirt like a traditional tie, in that sexy, I’m-wearing-an-item-of-my-man’s-clothing way.

The tie comes from Yknotlivebeautifully. I struck up a conversation with Yvonne, the owner of the brand when I bought the tie, and she so sweet and such a hard worker. Her lifestyle brand is just getting started, and Yvonne is “Living life with passion and purpose, surrounded by beauty.” Now that’s my kind of girl! Keep an eye out for Yknotlivebeautifully’s products. I predict they’re going to be big!

The second accessory that I’ve fallen in love with is the Miche handbag. Maybe you’ve heard about these ingenious handbags that have interchangeable  pieces. They start as a base bag, but by changing out the handles or adding what they call a shell (it’s kind of like a slipcover for your handbag), you can get several different looks from just one bag – without ever having to change out the contents!

Miche bags are the total package – functional and attractive. One bag can turn from a fun, casual print to a conservative, classy black handbag with just a few snaps here and there. You have to check out how many different looks one shell can end up having. If you’re the type of gal who loves to change bags every time you change your outfit, you’ll flip for Miche.

All right friends – your turn. What items do you find yourself reaching into your closet over and over again for recently? Share, please!

Pure Love Grows XOXOXO