Healthy Pleasures

January 30, 2014

So January is the time for a renewed dedication to eating healthy and being healthy, right? I’ve upped my time at the gym (and updated my workout wardrobe a bit). I also decided I was going to add some juicing into my diet.

The health benefits of juicing are out of this world, but I don’t always have the time or the ingredients to do it myself in my home, so I was more than pumped to discover that I can get the green goodness of juicing (along with some super healthy foods) at a local juice bar called Animo.

It’s actually a juice and burrito bar, which at first seems like an unusual combination. Let me tell you, it’s not, at least not the way they do it at Animo. The burritos at this joint are made from organic and natural ingredients. The meats used in their dishes are humanely raised, fed with a vegetarian diet with no added hormones or antibiotics and there are so many choices of healthy grains, beans and veggies to stuff the tortillas with.

Sure, I could get a traditional beef and bean burrito there, but with my January mindset, I’m more interested in the Garden burrito – hummus, spinach, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomatoes and vinaigrette rolled into a tortilla. Yum!

The juice bar at this local restaurant is really impressive. They serve fresh pressed organic wheat grass, a nutritional powerhouse. Drinking one ounce of this healthy juice is the equivalent of eating one and a half pounds of green, leafy vegetables. Talk about some serious stuff. They also have a huge selection of fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juice blends.

Add some healthy salads and soups to the menu, and the selection is varied enough to keep me coming back over and over now that I’ve discovered all this goodness.

Oh, and Animo has a second location across the bridge in wonderful Philadelphia with a similar hard-hitting, healthy menu.

Did I mention that this place serves you quickly, too? I hesitate to call it fast food because the term just doesn’t do it justice, but this healthy, delicious, organic and natural restaurant knows how to perfectly cater to a busy gal like me.

Pure Love Grows  XOXOXO