7 Reasons To Hug All The Time

February 19, 2014

I can’t believe I didn’t get to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day last week! It was just a beautifully crazy busy week with an appearance on QVC and spending time with my own loved ones (plus snow and freezing rain and school closings thrown in for some fun.)

Fortunately, I had planned on writing about hugs. They’re such an awesome way to show your PURE LOVE for the people in your life. And hugs are good 24/7/365, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Why should you hug your loved ones each and every day?

  1. Hugging releases the hormone Oxcytocin, a hormone that can fight depression and loneliness and increase cardiovascular health plus lower blood pressure.
  2. Hugs are self-esteem builders. They let someone know they are lovable.
  3. Hugs build a bond between the huggers.
  4. Hugs can improve your memory.
  5. Hugs are a great stress reliever.
  6. Hugs are absolutely free and they never run out. You can give as many of them as you want and still have millions more to give (and get.)
  7. Hugs feel amazing.

Who is your favorite person to hug? Me? I have three favorites – my hubby and my beautiful boys!

Pure Love Grows, Donna XOXOXO