March 12, 2014

My friends, I have to talk about destiny today. It’s one of those words that can mean different things to different people, and each person is right. For me destiny means you are right where you belong at that very moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed to kill or in your favorite pair of jammies, all that matters is you feel content where you are.

How do you get to that contentment? With your mind? With your heart? Here’s how it works for me. If I make decisions with only my mind, my heart always feels cheated. I think of my heart as an instrument that sees beyond the right and wrong thoughts that my mind has. I give my heart a chance to speak, and I really listen to what it says. My heart has guided me throughout my lifetime. When I’ve listened to it, it’s never steered me wrong.

Do you do that? Do you listen to your heart and let it steer, let it be your guiding light? If you don’t, give it a try. I promise you’ll learn so much from the experience.

Listening to my heart has never been as important as it has been since I launched Jing Ai five years ago. I’ve been on a wild roller coaster ride from LA to NYC in that time. People have promised me the moon. Some have come through, but it’s funny how many have come up short on that promise. Actually, it’s not so funny. It’s more typical than not. One of the things I’ve learned  is that my heart knew who would come up short even if my head said, “This sounds like a good business decision.”

I’ve gotten much better at trusting my heart. What I call my heart, you may call intuition. Whatever you call it, it’s a strong factor in getting where you belong in your life, getting you to the right place where destiny can take over.

I think the Universe speaks to your heart. It’s your job to listen and figure out how to navigate your life to get where you’re supposed to be. I’m not saying that the very first time you listen to your heart you’re going to meet your destiny. It might work that way once in a while, but I think more often it’s a longer journey that’s good for you – that teaches you things you need to learn. Each decision you make when you listen to your heart will eventually lead you to your destiny. When you’re finally there, you look back and you see how all your choices led you to right where you were supposed to be.

Getting to your destiny is like getting to a beautiful rainbow. You must first have rain for the awesomeness of a rainbow to occur. If you can think of it that way, you can learn to enjoy the rain – every single drop of it.

To get to where I am now, I have navigated my way through many decisions my heart said were right even if my mind said those decisions didn’t make sense.  And now, I have so many exciting things blooming for this very special brand – the destiny that both Jing Ai and I are meant to have.

I have been blessed with two amazing sons, and Jing Ai is like the little girl I never had. She truly is my third child, and she has taken up as much time as my two beautiful boys. I wish for her all the glory she so deserves as she touches the hearts of many around the globe with her story of pure love!

Do you think you create your own destiny or that the Universe hands it to you? I believe we work in tandem with the Universe. It’s the hard work that I have done and the no quit attitude my heart has told me to embrace that has gotten Jing Ai to this point – the point where she’s ready for the Universe to introduce her to her destiny.

Pure Love Grows, Donna  XOXOXO