Meeting Ed Begley, Jr

April 3, 2014

I never know who I’m going to meet on this eco-fabulous, glamorous journey I’m on. Sometimes, it’s the stunning Christie Brinkley. Other times, it’s the charming Katherine Hiegl. And, earlier this month, it was actor and environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr.

I’m sure you know Ed from TV shows like St. Elsewhere and Arrested Development, but did you also know he is one of the most genuine and outspoken environmentalists in show business? His home is powered by solar energy and he’s been known to try to keep the amount of trash he throws away each week to what could fit in a glove compartment.

My family and I met Ed at the Garden State GreenFest where he was a keynote speaker. I had an opportunity to introduce him to Jing Ai. He was impressed with the concept, and he LOVED our sustainable packaging that’s so natural you can compost it.

Getting a nod of approval from Ed Begley, Jr. was special to me because he can spot the real deal when he sees it. He even has his own line of natural soaps and household cleaners, Begley’s Best. His standards are similar to mine. He makes products that are safe for humans, animals, and plants that are formulated with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients.  He never uses animal testing for his products; they’re cruelty free. And, his packaging is recyclable. He’s my kind of eco-entrepreneur.

So Ed, if you come across this, I want to say it was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I hope out paths cross again very soon.

Pure Love Grows, Donna XOXOXO