The Beauty of Dry Shampoo

April 13, 2014

Hair, much as we love it, can take a disproportionate amount of our beauty routine time. Sure, we can throw it back in a chic ponytail, spend a few extra minutes on our faces, wear the right jewelry, and make it look like the ponytail is a fashion statement and not a time-saver. But, sometimes, many times, you just want to wear your hair down. Let those gorgeous locks that you spend good money coloring and cutting flow like you’re Lady Godiva riding through the streets of Coventry (unlike the legendary L.G, feel free to wear a cute spring dress and a kicky pair of sandals, though).

The time it takes to wash, dry and style your hair can be difficult to find every single day. You know what isn’t difficult to find? A good dry shampoo that can turn washing, drying and styling your hair every day into an every-few-days activity. I know people who have gone down to washing their hair weekly once they discovered the miracle that is dry shampoo.

Here’s how dry shampoo works. It soaks up excess oils in between shampoos, putting the life back in limp hair that’s weighed down by oil and gets rid of that greasy feel, look and even smell. This beauty product can be used after a workout to get the sweat out of your hair – giving you one less excuse to not work out. It can also be used to extend a blow out. I hear raves from my curly-haired friends about how the discovery of dry shampoo has extended their blowouts by several days.

There are two basic types of dry shampoo – aerosol and powder. You can even make your own if you want a totally natural dry shampoo that uses the same ingredients you can bake cookies with. The aerosol versions get sprayed on the roots of your dry hair. The powder versions get worked into the roots of your hair with your fingertips then brushed out.

Like any shampoo, what works well on someone else’s hair might not work well on your hair so you may need to try a few brands before finding the right one for you. But, there are a several brands that tend to get good word of mouth. Here are a few I’ve heard positive things about.

  • Skinnyskinny Organic Dry Shampoo – This powder dry shampoo is non-toxic. It comes in several wonderful natural fragrances like jasmine or grapefruit and cardamom.
  • Argan Magic Dry Shampoo – This aerosol can is paraben-free and contains Moroccan Argan oil, yet the oil doesn’t add to greasiness of the hair but it does help condition it.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo – Yes, Dove. I’m constantly hearing people say that for the price, this is the best dry shampoo you can get at most drugstores. And, I love Dove’s commitment to using models of all shapes and sizes in their adds and the work they do on girls’ self esteem.

If you want to go the DIY route, try one of these 7 dry shampoo recipes that use kitchen staples.

Have you caught the dry shampoo craze? What’s your favorite brand?

Pure Love Grows, Donna XOXO