Keep Earth Day Going All Year Long

April 25, 2014

Did you do anything special for Earth Day earlier this week?  I appreciate the day because it reminds everyone to take care of this planet that sustains us. Sometimes, it’s easy to let the priority to be green slide a bit because let’s face it, we all have busy, full lives.

There’s a saying you’ll hear a lot around Earth Day – Every day should be earth day. Having one day a year to remind us is good, but we should be doing things every single day to take care of our environment. Some of my favorite ways to care for the earth on other days besides April 22 are really simple. You might already do some of these things. If you don’t, perhaps this will give you some ideas.

  1. Buy local foods. Farmers market season is just about to start. Supporting local farmers helps to keep them in business so their farms will continue to thrive, preserving open space and helping wildlife. Bonus: fresh, local food tastes amazing!
  2. Wash clothes in cold water. Unless you have a particularly dirty load (and with my active boys, sometimes I do), clothes don’t need to be washed in hot water. By washing in cold, you’ll conserve the energy it takes to heat the water. Bonus: You’ll save a little money on your home energy bill!
  3. Cancel catalogs you never shop from. Use a free service like Trusted ID to help you easily cancel unwanted catalogs. You’ll save trees. Bonus: Come holiday time when catalogs are abundant, your mail carrier will love you!
  4. Sign up to have your bills and bank statements sent electronically. If you’re still getting those things printed on paper by snail mail, it’s time to join the 21st century!  Bonus: You’ll never lose a bill again!
  5. Turn your computer and printer off at night. Even in sleep mode, technology uses up energy. Bonus: You might make your computer’s battery last longer!

All of these ideas are so simple and can be done year round without much effort. Why wouldn’t you do them?

What are you doing to make every day Earth Day?

Pure Love Grows XOXOXO

Image: Alpha du centaure