Jing Ai – USA Today / Modern Woman Feature

October 13, 2014

If you turn to page 101 in the latest issue of USA Today’s Modern Woman magazine, you’ll see a familiar face! Me! I’m honored do be featured alongside a handful of amazing and creative organizations and businesses headed up by awesome women. I get to spread my message of #PureLove and Jing Ai gets some big-time exposure.

I’m in good company on the pages of Modern Woman. You should meet the others who are featured, too.

  • Courage to Dare – an organization dedicated to education and awareness about breast cancer to thousands of rural communities and individuals living in Wisconsin and West Africa
  • Rixie Clip – makers of a clip that helps tighten bra bands
  • Fullips – creators of a lip enhancement tool that helps to plump lips naturally
  • Memory Vessels – makers of a locket that’s also a USB drive that pops into any computer to show off pictures of loved ones
  • My Tot Clock – helping parents get their toddlers to sleep better (and get better sleep themselves)

Coverage in Modern Woman is just the first in a line of exciting things that are going on with Jing Ai right now. In the upcoming months I’ll be bringing you more exciting news as soon as I’m free to release it to the world. Until then, know that I’m very excited and have much gratitude about the amazing things that are happening to our company, and I am definitely looking forward to what 2015 will be bring!

Pure Love Grows, Donna XOXOXO