7 beauty & fashion to-dos before the holidays

November 7, 2014

The big plan for this holiday season is to be prepared and organized so I can enjoy the festivities. Can I pull the plan off? Who knows? But, here are a few tips I’m following that may help me pull it off.

  1. Take inventory of your make up. Now is the time to make sure you’re mascara isn’t close to running out or your eyeliner is one twist away from gone. You don’t want to discover you need to replace your makeup, especially the basics, when you’re rushing to get ready for a holiday party and don’t have time to run out and do it.
  2. Check your shoes. Do your fabulous black boots need to be polished? Do your sparkly pumps need a new tip on the heel? Spruce up your favorite pumps now before things get too hectic.
  3. Do a once-over of your stockings and tights. Make sure you have no runs and pulls in them.
  4. Get your dress coat to the dry cleaners. If it hasn’t been out of the closet yet this season, and you didn’t send it to the cleaners before you put it away in the spring, it probably needs to be cleaned.
  5. Play with your hair. Take an hour or two and try your hair in some new styles and decide if any of them are holiday-worthy.
  6. Pamper your hands. Take the time to moisturize your hands each night before you go to bed. The red nail polish and sparkly rings and bracelets you’ll wear during the holidays will call attention to your hands.
  7. Book your appointments. I know I told you to do this last week, but did you do it or were you too busy taking down your Halloween décor? Get your name on the books at the beauty salon now so you get the times you want.

Do you have anything to add?