Lots Of #PureLove

February 10, 2015

At Jing Ai we celebrate #PureLove every day, so of course Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days. The love has a lot to do with it, but to be honest, the flowing red wine and chocolate February 14 have a little something to do with it, too.

Red wine and good, dark chocolate are lovely together, but did you know that you can cook with them, too? That combination of wine and chocolate works in drinks, cakes and more. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your love with a homemade treat made with a classic red wine and chocolate pairing.

  • Bittersweet Hot Chocolate With Red Wine: Fruity wine and bittersweet chocolate combine to make a special hot chocolate to warm your heart and soul.
  • Oreo Red Wine Nutella Cupcakes: This sounds irresistible, doesn’t it? There’s wine in the cake and in the frosting, so the frosting is naturally colored pink. Love it!
  • Red Wine Chocolate Truffles: For something more subdued than pink frosted cupcakes, try these simple truffles for an after-Valentine’s-dinner treat. I think I’d definitely have to enjoy them while drinking more red wine.
  • Darkest Chocolate Cake with Red Wine Glaze:  Make the cake a day or two ahead of Valentine’s Day, keep it in your fridge and then all you have to do is glaze it before dinner.
  • Red Wine Brownies: A plate of these while you’re watching a rom-com after dinner would make the perfect movie treat, don’t you think?