Jing Ai Is Going Global

March 2, 2015

Jing Ai is going global! This month, we launched our Jing Ai Velvet Shine Lip Jewels with BOXYCHARM. Thirty-five thousand of our lip crayons went out to the monthly beauty box subscribers. There are thousands of BOXYCHARM subscribers who love their boxes so much that they YouTube their box openings, and I took a few minutes to watch some of them. Here are just a few of the raves. They make my heart smile so big.
  • KathleenLights thinks the Raspberry Ice is so creamy and pretty and so pigmented.
  • Andrea Matillano thinks her Pink Star is the prettiest pink and super pigmented and shiny.
  • StyleMaven LA loves the Pink Star color and how moisturizing it is.
  • Anna Win says her lip pencil is GORGEOUS!!
Bloggers love the Velvet Shine Lip Jewels, too. The Slow Down and Savor blog was impressed.
I was REALLY surprised by this product. First, it applied seamlessly, super pigmented, without any skipping or patchiness. Second, it doesn’t smell offensive at all, or smell in general. Third, it’s shiny AND decently long wearing. I was able to notice it stayed on for a couple hours without needing any touch ups, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t throw it in your purse for touching up. You will need it, especially after eating or drinking.

I’m not saying one might not be out there, but in my searching, I didn’t find one person who wasn’t pleased with the lip pencil. There were lots of comments about the great pigmentation, the fabulous colors, and the way it made their lips feel.

I have worked on this brand for nearly six years and the amazing feedback from women who love beauty products is one of the best rewards for all my hard work. That’s not all I’m excited about though. The #PURELOVE campaign is spreading to Australia and England, as two other box companies have approached me about the Velvet Shine Lip Jewels. Jing Ai’s about to travel the world!

If you want your own super pigmented, creamy, moisturizing, shiny, GORGEOUS Velvet Lip Shine Jewel, you can get the shade of your choice for 25% off right now. Use the coupon code #PURELOVE when you check out on the Jing Ai store and receive 25% off your entire order.