Flowers + Braids = Pure Love

May 29, 2015

Lately, a song has been floating through my mind, a lovely little hippy dippy tune from the 1960s group The Cowsills, the family band that was the real-life inspiration for The Partridge Family. The song is about falling in love with a girl who is standing in the rain with flowers in her hair.

♪ Flowers in her hair, flowers everywhere

I love the flower girl

Oh, I don’t know just why

She simply caught my eye

I love the flower girl

She seemed so sweet and kind.

She crept into my mind. ♬

Flowers are showing up in everyone’s hair lately. Inspired by festival style, the updated BoHo trend that women are wearing to concert festivals, fresh flowers seem to be on top of heads every where I turn. I adore this trend. It makes me smile whenever I see someone with flowers in her hair. And, I love how so many women are marrying the messy and braided hair trend with flowers in their hair. It’s such a quick and fresh way to update your summer look without spending a lot of time.

Look how easy that is. A messy side braid. A single flowers above the ear. I love it! I’ve also seen one long braid down the back of someone’s head that has flowers running up and down it – often different flowers of varying colors – such a fun,  youthful look!

I also like the simple crown of flowers running around the head. Again, notice the beautiful messy hair in this next photo.


What’s best about this trend, besides being so easy, is that it’s youthful, but not childish. As long as you keep it simple, any gal can grab a few flowers from the yard and freshen up her look in no time.

Allure has four tips for wearing fresh flowers in your hair, including “placing cut flowers in water and refrigerating them overnight” to make the buds “look fresh and crisp the next day.” Good to know!

Your challenge this weekend, beauties, is to play around with a flower or two in your hair!

Pure Love Grows, Donna XOXOXO