Summer Skin Maintenance

June 14, 2015

Listen up, ladies. I want you to pay attention to this because it’s very important for your beauty routine. Your skincare is sooooo important to your health. It also makes a difference in how makeup looks on your face.

I’ve discovered a brand of skincare that I believe in – Meg 21. The science behind this brand was accidentally discovered at Fox Chase Cancer Research Center. The researchers found a compound that slows the production of toxic sugars, a leading cause of skin aging and wrinkling. Meg 21 works to reverse these undesirable affects toxic sugars have on the skin. The products work to slow glycerin, inflammation and oxidative stress. They even skin tone and reduce age spots. In about one month, most users find they have younger looking skin.

I know. You’ve heard this before from brand after brand. I get it. You’re skeptical. So was I. But I’ve been using Meg 21, and I give this brand and the science behind it a thumbs up. I wouldn’t recommend anything to you that I don’t believe in.

My Meg 21 skincare favorites are the Moisturizing Cleanser followed by the Moisturizing Toner. I love what they’ve done for the health and appearance of my skin. I also highly recommend the Advanced Formula Smooth Radiance for nighttime use. It’s rich and full of anti-aging properties that help you wake up looking fresh faced. I’d say if you were going to invest in just one Meg 21 product to start, the Smooth Radiance should be it.

Think about how great my Jing Ai make up makes your face look. Now imagine how much better it would be if you started with skin that had a more even tone, fewer age spots, and a wrinkle or two less. Take care of your face with Meg 21 skincare products, and you will find out for yourself.

Pure Love Grows, Donna XOXOXO

Disclaimer: I received a complementary sample of Meg 21 skincare products, but nothing was promised in return for the sample I received.