Harmony Acres = Pure Quality

July 30, 2015

Look at this great kid! This is Journey Emmons, one of the ten siblings that pitch in to run Harmony Acres.

I returned from the AmericasMart Atlanta gift show so excited about the new opportunities Jing Ai has and also excited about some of the other fabulous entrepreneurs I met while I was there – particularly the ones that were across from my booth at the show.

I fell in love with the family that owns Harmony Acres Soap Co. The company’s tag line is “Go ahead. Get smelly,” and if anyone knows about getting dirty and smelly, it’s this family with 10 kids. They offer “whole family skin care” that is, as they put it, “crud free.”

I so enjoyed meeting Cory Emmons and her family during my rare minutes of down time at the show. Everyone pitches in to make all their natural soaps, lotions, lip balms, insect repellents, tooth powders, candles and more. I love that they have a line of products called “Smelly Dude” created for the “laid back, practical mustache-sporter.”

Harmony Acres is an amazing brand with a similar mindset to Jing Ai when it comes to choosing ingredients. They use organic shea butter and natural essential oils in their products. They’re also paraben-free, gluten-free, and phthalate-free. I love this. And I love their products and I’m proud to have brought some of them home to share with my family.

Harmony Acres is located in North Carolina and their products are available in many stores in the region. Anyone can buy their whole family skin care line through their online store.