Schedule your breast exam. Now!

October 5, 2015

As you probably know, Jing Ai means “pure love” in Mandarin. All Jing Ai’s products are named after a rose in honor of my grandmother Rose who embodied pure love, and who died of breast cancer. Each October when Breast Cancer Awareness month arrives, the focus on this disease is a constant reminder of my grandmother, and I find myself thinking of her even more than usual.

It’s also a reminder to ask all you beauties, “Have you had your yearly mammogram yet? If not, is it scheduled.” I’m telling you right now. If you’re behind on getting your breast exam, pick up that cell phone and call. NOW! I’ll wait.

Okay, now that you have an appointment to go get your ta tas tested, smashed, smooshed, lifted and arranged by a perfect stranger onto a cold machine, and x-rayed (I hope like me, you can laugh with your technician through the experience), I want to tell you about my friend Eileen.

Eileen has breast cancer and she’s choosing to share her story and her treatment with a public Facebook page, Cutting Cancer Out – Eileen’s Fight. Just today she posted about her 12th round of chemo. (And do you know what she said in the post? Get your mammogram!)  She’s smiling in all her photos, even the ones taken immediately after chemo. To see her strong, beautiful face pop up on my Facebook feed is a reminder to pray for her and a reminder to share with others my life’s battles. I may not start a Facebook page about them, but I know that I’m stronger when I know my loved ones are thinking about me, routing for me, and praying for me.

We will all be reminded a lot this month to be aware of breast cancer. So go ahead and donate some money (Jing Ai is donates 5% of proceeds  to breast cancer charities yearly and we have pure love campaigns for those suffering from cancer. We donate 50% of our kabuki brush proceeds from the individuals campaign and give to them to help with the financial burden. But I’m here to remind you to be aware of your own health, too. Get your mammogram. And, no matter what you’re going through, share your life’s battles with someone! Pure Love Grows XOXOXO