Jing Ai is all about the Pure Love

February 15, 2016

Beauties… We have an entire weekend ahead of us dedicated to #PureLove! Valentine’s Day falls on Sunday this year so that means we have three days to celebrate all the love we find around us.

If you’re new to Jing Ai, you may not know how much LOVE influences everything we do here. The name Jing Ai means pure love in Mandarin. All of our products are named after roses – flowers that symbolize love.

The names of our products like our Sierra Glow Duo and our Vienna Charm Cheek Rouge are all rose varieties – carefully and lovingly chosen. Our Sierra Glow in Garden Party is two shades of pink – just like the beautiful garden party rose pictured here.

We choose to use natural and organic ingredients because it’s the loving thing to do – they’re healthier for you and your skin. We even make sure our furry friends get shown love. Our Leaping Bunny certification guarantees that we are cruelty free.

Here at Jing Ai on Valentine’s Day and every day, pure love means making sure that love goes into all our products and out to all we meet! What does #PureLove mean to you?

Make every day like Valentines Day!



Image: Yoko/flickr