Yes, I love the dresses, but I also love #askhermore

March 3, 2016

Sunday night I’ll be on the couch, all comfy in my yoga pants and wrapped in my favorite throw blanket, admiring the fashions on the red carpet at the 88th Annual Academy Awards. I love viewing the gowns and the tuxedos and the hair and the makeup and the dazzling smiles of the Hollywood elite. But, I know all of those people who are smiling for the camera are also so much more more than how they look. They’re intelligent, creative, passionate actors.

That’s why I also love the #askhermore campaign that goes beyond the “Who are you wearing?” and “Who is your date?” questions and refocuses the red carpet questions on women’s achievements, talents and thoughts on all sorts of topics. Asking about the fashions is great, after all there are intelligent, creative, passionate people behind the designs, but the women who walk the red carpet are “more than their dresses,” as Reese Witherspoon said at last year’s Academy Awards.

The #askhermore campaign has been going on for a couple of years now, and last year it really shined on the Oscar’s red carpet and the Emmy’s red carpet. Women answered questions about causes they believe in, achievements they’ve had, projects they’re working on and more. I can’t wait to see how the cause has grown and what questions the women and men are asked on the red carpet this Sunday night.

If I had the opportunity to #askhermore, I would probably ask something like, “Who showed you #PureLove in your life and helped you believe you could achieve anything you wanted?”

That sounds just like a question, I would ask, doesn’t it?