3 spring trends that need to go away quickly

March 26, 2016

If socks and sandals poking out of a pair of mom jeans are trendy this spring, I'll stick to the classics, thank you!

Hey beauties! Spring is here and with the change of seasons come the new beauty and fashion trends. Sometimes it’s fun to take a look at trends that need to go away super fast.

I love fashion and I love trends, but they’re called trendy for a reason. Next season, they’ll be gone.  I sometimes think fashion writers and editors simply make up some trends just to see if they can get away with them. I don’t buy into all trends, and some make cringe.

Here are three trending spring 2016 beauty/fashion ideas you WILL NOT be seeing on me, and I hope to not see on many people!


  1. Socks and sandals. Oh Elle, what are you thinking? Pairing an $865 pair of beautiful, colorful wedge sandals with a $6 pair of white socks and then telling us stop whining and get on board because the trend is here to stay? Nope. Sorry. You won’t be catching me in socks and sandals.
  2. Clumpy mascara. From the day I bought my first tube of mascara I’ve been warding off clumps. Why would I want my eyelashes to stick together in random goopy clumps? The runway models might be reaching into the back recesses of their makeup drawers for old mascara that clumps together, but I’ll keep my lashes long and lush, thank you very much. Plus, tossing that old, clumpy mascara keeps your eyes infection-free.
  3. Mom jeans. Let me repeat that – MOM JEANS. The powers-that-be spent years trying to sell women over 19 super-low rise jeans because they were supposedly the most flattering fit. They also told us to never be caught dead in mom jeans. Now, everywhere I turn there’s advice on how to style your mom jeans. If what is considered the traditional mom jean is flattering to you, then wear them because when you find flattering jeans, they’re the ones you go with. If  mom jeans don’t do you in favors, do not fall for the “but they’re trendy” argument. Wear what flatters you!

What trends are you seeing that you think need to go away as quickly as possible?

Pure Love Grows, Donna XOXOXO

Image: Eli Christman/flickr