Abundant gratitude this Thanksgiving

November 23, 2016

Jing Ai's Donna Cristino at Whole Foods
I'm thankful that twice a month, I get to share Jing Ai with Whole Foods shoppers.

What a year and what a lot to be thankful for! I love Thanksgiving, and this year I am overflowing with gratitude.

I’ve done some exciting things with Jing Ai this year that have helped us branch out into new markets. The introduction of lip balms to the collection has gone over smashingly well. Twice a month I personally go to the local Whole Foods to sell the balms made with the finest certified organic ingredients, natural minerals, aromatherapy grade essential oils (all Non GMO, of course). I love to meet the shoppers and hear their impressions of Jing Ai’s products. I am so grateful that almost everyone I speak to overwhelmingly loves and supports Jing Ai!

We also launched Jing Ai on Amazon and the reviews are fabulous! Nothing but 5-star reviews for the super-popular Kabuki Brush. Almost all 4- and 5-star reviews for the Lip Stain Crayons. (If you need a festively-colored Raspberry Ice Crayon for the prettiest holiday lips, I suggest you order it now!) I’m thankful that I’m able to bring Jing Ai’s products to a wider-range of beauties through Amazon.

Of course my life is not all business. I’m eternally grateful for my family – my loving, supportive best friend & husband and my two boys with their love for baseball that brings us all together at the ballpark for family time.

What else fills me with gratitude?

I’m taking back my health. Not that it was so bad, but I wasn’t making it a priority the way I should. Now, I’m walking 6.5 miles every other day, and I love my outdoor time!

The friends and relatives who with gather around the table at Thanksgiving and the food we will eat.

The promise of a new year coming that will bring surprises (as every year does).

Wine. I’m thankful for my wine!

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving, beauties!






Gratitude for my wine


8th grade, junior – gratitude for their health, their love for baseball