December 16, 2017

I get a kick out of giving gifts. I also get a kick out of finding creative ways to wrap them that are more environmentally-friendly than wasting one-time use wrapping paper. It’s a fun challenge to find eco-friendly wrapping tricks. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. The Sunday Comics: If you get the Sunday paper, keep the colorful comic section to wrap kids’ gifts or a gift for anyone who enjoys a touch of whimsey.
  2. Old maps. When is the last time you used a paper map? The map apps on our phone are so useful, they’ve made paper maps a thing of the past. Give those maps one last purpose before you throw them out – use them as gift wrap.
  3. A scarf. If you’re buying a gift for a gal-pal, get her an extra gift and buy her an inexpensive fashion scarf to wrap it in. She’ll love it.
  4. Jeans. If you can sew, turn the legs of an old pair of jeans into wrapping for a wine bottle. Click on the link to see how to do it. The tutorial shows using store-bought burlap flowers to tie the bag at the top, but I think it would be fun to tie it up with something more useful like a fun ponytail holder if you’re giving the bottle to a woman or a tie if you’re giving it a man.
  5. Brown paper bags. These are great because they’re blank slates for decorating. You can draw on them, stamp them, let kids make hand prints on them for grandparents – anything you want.
  6. Kids art. Speaking of grandparents, if you have kids that draw all the time, you use their drawings as gift wrap for grandparents and other relatives. They’ll love it and you’ll have something useful to do with that pile of drawings your little Picassos are amassing.
  7. Reuse your gift bags. I love getting gifts as much as I love giving them. I save the beautiful gift bags that gifts come in and pass them on to someone else.
  8. Shredded gift wrap. If you need something to keep a gift inside a box safe, don’t buy bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Keep your gift wrap from birthdays and holidays and run it through your shredder. It becomes pretty, colorful filler to keep a keepsake safe.

These are just a few ways to make sure that you’re not buying gift wrap that is bad for the environment.  Take care of mother nature and she will take care of you and your loved ones for years to come…