July 17, 2018

Okay, we all know summer isn’t over until September 21st, but sadly for most of us, the season ends when we bid goodbye to our Labor Day BBQ guests. When you’re making your to-do lists of things that must be done by the end of summer, make sure in between items like “buy new patio furniture covers” and “book plane tickets for the holidays” you add really enjoyable activities to do now. A girl’s gotta make time for the important things in life.

  1. Catch on outdoor concert. Town and county parks sponsor all sorts of concerts by local artists in the summer. They’re usually held in picturesque settings where you can pack a picnic basket (toss one of those bottles of local wine you bought in there), spread out on a blanket, and enjoy anything from big band to hard rock under the stars.
  2. Go wave jumping. Okay, I know not all my girlfriends have access to the ocean, but if you do, I dare you to actually get in it. Maybe you’ve been to the beach this summer and basked in the sun while reading Glamour. Maybe you’ve even taken a walk along the shoreline, getting your tootsies wet in the surf. But, have you gone all the way in, allowing yourself to get your hair (yes, your hair!) wet with sea water and spent a good hour jumping waves like a little kid? Do it. I double dog dare you.
  3. Reconnect with an old friend. Summer is (sometimes) a little less busy than the rest of our year. If there is ever any free time to reconnect with an old friend, it’s now. And, I’m not talking friending someone you haven’t seen in years on Facebook. I’m talking about reconnecting through a hand-written letter, an actual phone call where you hear your friend’s voice or a face-to-face get together – you know – really retro ways of connecting.
  4. Sleep in late. Clear your calendar for the morning and don’t set the alarm clock. In fact, turn the alarm clock backwards so that you can’t even see the time. Make sure your shades are drawn (hang some towels over them to make it extra dark if you need to). Then, sleep until you wake up. And, if you wake up, see if you can go back to sleep. When’s the last time you did that?
  5. Visit a local winery. Fun fact. Every state in America has at least one winery, and chances are you’re closer to a vineyard than you know. While you’re tasting local vino and pairing it with yumminess like cheeses and chocolates, you’ll probably get a little regional history lesson, too. Winery Bound is my go-to site for finding the local wineries in my area or when I’m traveling. (Or, if you’re hoping to entice your man to spend a day with you, find a local brewery on Craft Beer.)        XOX, Donna